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A Celebration of Greek Culture

May 08, 2018

If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting Disneyland (and if you haven’t, you surely will soon), then you’re probably familiar with the venerable “It’s a Small World” ride, which has celebrated cultures from around the world since 1966. That’s not the only Anaheim attraction that pays tribute to the cultural diversity of our magical city. From Friday, May 18, through Sunday, May 20, the OC Greek Fest will take place in and around St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church, where thousands of revelers will enjoy the finest in Greek cuisine, music, art, dancing, and more. Are you a fan of Moussaka, Souvlaki, and Tiropita? Do you relish the chance to peruse handmade treasures, including clothing, jewelry, and paintings, crafted by artists and artisans from both sides of the Atlantic? Head on down for the festival, where entertainment abounds for adults and kids, who will enjoy their own dedicated “Kids Zone.” As they say in Greece, “Opa”!

Address: 405 N. Dale St., Anaheim, California 92801