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St. Patrick's Day Debauchery

March 05, 2018

The story says that St. Patrick rid Ireland of snakes. How nice for Ireland. Still, it’s tough to not want to celebrate such a miraculous feat and wonderful culture. If you’re looking to enjoy debauchery and mischief like a leprechaun might, Garden Grove has you covered with several events to get your St. Patrick’s day on.

Starting at 5 pm, enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day Festival. This event is for all ages. Enjoy live music from The Joshua Tree, the number one U2 cover band. In addition, there will be performances from other bands as well.

In addition to live music, enjoy food trucks, green beer, bagpipe lessons, a clover scavenger hunt and more. This will surely be an event the whole family can enjoy. It’s definitely the luck of the Irish that such a fun holiday should fall on a Saturday this year, so get out there and enjoy yourself. For information and to RSVP for free click here.

12762 Main Street, Garden Grove, CA 92840