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Christmas Boat Parade

December 04, 2017

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like a parade. And nothing says “Have a SoCal Happy Holidays” like a Christmas Boat Parade! You’re here in Southern California, why not get in the spirit of things at the Newport Christmas Boat Parade. The parade runs from December 13-17. It begins at 6:30 p.m. With different locations around the “Ring of Lights” route, you’ll be sure to leave singing holiday tunes and ready for a visit from jolly Saint Nick. Not only are the boats beautifully decorated, but the homes along the route are too. You’ll see a wide gamut: yachts, boats, kayaks, and canoes decorated in holiday lights. For some extra pizazz, check out the opening and closing nights of the parade for a fireworks extravaganza. The fireworks begin at 9 and are visible from all across the harbor. Best of all, this event is free! For more information on parking and the best viewing locations click here.

600 E Bay Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92661