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The Curious Monkeys of Santa Ana Zoo

August 06, 2018

Just six miles from the Cortona Inn & Suites, the Santa Ana Zoo comprises some 20 acres of family fun, with exhibits that center mostly on the flora and fauna of Central and South America. Joseph Prentice, who gave the city of Santa Ana the land that would become the zoo, was especially fond of monkeys. As part of the donation, he declared that the zoo must always have at least 50 monkeys. Thus, you’ll be treated to an extraordinary primate collection during your visit. You’ll also see giant anteaters, green iguanas, black-necked swans, Brazilian ocelots, and much more. This easy to navigate zoo is great for families with small children, who are inevitably enchanted by the many curious monkeys and other primates. Best of all, the zoo is open every day from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M., making it easy to fit a trip into your schedule.

Address: 1801 E Chestnut Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92701